Sunday, 20 April 2014

♥ The Easter Sunday Post

Easter Sunday is always brilliant. Chocolate for breakfast, Sunday roasts and some cracking films on the television. You don't really experience this when you're away from home though. My mom sent me packing back to Cornwall last weekend with a Creme Egg Easter Egg, so I'll be sure to munch on that a little bit later! But for now, I have all four of my second semester deadlines in just over a month so I better get cracking on my schedule and essay plans!

Sundays in Cornwall are definitely just for chilling out with a good film and girls magazine and the rain we have right now is making my lazy day just that little bit more acceptable!

I've also got some lovely posts on the way, as I've been so absent this week. Also, a trip into Truro with the girls tomorrow will be sure to leave my purse a little worse for wear. I'll hopefully have some nice products to share with you all!

Happy Easter Girls!

Em x


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