Saturday, 12 April 2014

♥ Spring Nails

Spring time means that pastel colours are everywhere. They'll be everywhere you look on the high street, they'll be woven into the hair of models and celebrities and it's very likely they'll be on your nails. The warmer months and brighter days are definitely a chance for everyone to get girly when it comes to make up and nails. The dark, vampy colours can go and the pinks, greens and blue's can take over. This is a bit of my nail paint collection that offer some brilliant shades for the spring time.

Barry M Textured in Ridley Road -, £3.99
Textured nails are something I really really adore. The finish is so different! I chose this colour because after being in the sun my skin goes a lovely gold and in my opinion greens work really well with darker colours and skin tones. This stays put for a long time and only takes a coat or two to look great.

Rita Ora for Rimmel in Lose Your Lingerie - Superdrug, £3.69
I want every colour in the new Rita Ora range that Rimmel have released. The colours are absolutely beautiful and this one caught my eye because it's such a soft pink. The two shades from the range that I picked up have a slight shimmer to them that make them shine when light catches them but the glitter isn't that noticeable. Again, this range stays put and when you put the coats on thin they dry in no time.

2 in 1 Top Coat and Nail Hardener - Superdrug, £1
I purchased this what seems like forever ago, while Superdrug had a beauty card offer on own-brand nail care items. I forgot I owned it and it's never really gotten much use. I would usually use a Rimmel 60 Seconds clear top coat (this one has a purpley tinge to it) but as I've been trying my hardest to grow my nails out I've noticed them cracking a lot. I thought if i am persistent with putting this hardener on maybe the condition of my nails will improve - it's early days yet but i will certainly keep you updated!

Barry M Gelly in Prickly Pear -, £3.99
It's been really hard for me to enjoy the Gelly range from Barry M. A friend got me this for Christmas and while I have used it a bunch of times I just do not like the look of it. It takes three coats to get the colour to look good and while that may be down to the shade being so light I just didn't like the effort it took to get a good finish! The colour is beautiful though with persistence!

Rita Ora for Rimmel in Pillow Talk - Superdrug, £3.69
Pillow Talk is my favourite of this bunch. The names are cute and the colours even cuter. This pale blue has the slightest shimmer but it still looks solid and really nice on! The colour is hard wearing and really really nice for spring.

Em x


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