Sunday, 11 October 2015

♥ Weekly Roundup #3

This week was tough. I had to create a sixteen page children's picture book, read Fifty Shades of Grey and a whole load of Yeats' poetry. Could it get any more diverse? I doubt it very much. It was my boyfriends twenty second birthday, though I'm yet to see him (hurry up Wednesday) and the GBBO final. I wanted Tamal to win, but enjoyed the final despite the outcome.

I bought a few new pieces too, The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer had been on my wishlist for an awfully long time so it was time to cough up and buy into the hype and I wanted to know whether or not the Beauty Blender is as good as everyone insists it is, so I picked up that, too. I posted my favourite Autumnal makeup look - going with a lovely, soft, golden eye and I watched the BBC's Doctor Foster in one sitting. I absolutely loved it and if you didn't catch it, watch it while it's on iPlayer!

I followed the lovely Chloe, from Dublin as I follow her on Instagram and was totally unaware she was the author of a blog. She posted a brilliant make up tutorial using MAC's Cranberry and I am totally in awe of how the shade transfers onto the lid and it's now in my wishlist online. I can't wait to purchase it and have a go at the look that Chloe created. I loved Charlee's post on her beauty and makeup bits for the Autumn, too. She mentioned her lip combo of Soar lip liner and Mehr lipstick, a combination that I'm a massive fan on. She also made me want to purchase the first Naked palette, but that's going to have to stay on my wishlist for a rather long while.

Em x


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