Friday, 22 April 2016

♥ Brow Routine: Threading

I used to think my big, brushy brows were the absolute worst. I've always had hairs in-between them and they grow back with a vengeance every time... It's not the best, but it's definitely manageable. I've tried everything from shaving (oops) to waxing and I definitely feel like threading is my go to option for grooming my unruly brows.

I've been getting my eyebrows threaded for years. I just love the finish it gives and it's so much easier to have somebody else do them, then sitting in front of a magnified mirror for hours and hours trying to get every last hair. It does hurt a little and my eyes water a lot, which is rather embarrassing, but for five minutes pain it's well worth it. The place I go to at the moment charges me £6, and has a loyalty scheme, but I'm sure there are places that do it for much cheaper!

Because I live in quite a small town in Cornwall, it's awkward to find anyone who threads brows at a reasonable price and because of that I always try and wait until right before heading back down south to get them done. It makes tweezing them myself much easier while I'm away because it's easy to get stray hairs as and when they start growing. I do tweeze in between appointments, but I try and leave my brows to grow for at least a couple of weeks before getting them threaded again. As you can see in my before and after photos I let hair grow everywhere, as I didn't have many plans this week and didn't mind having a few stubborn hairs in between brows.

 (Left hand side are my before images, right hand side is after threading)

In terms of a brow routine, this is all I do to my brows. Other than putting clear brow gel through them, I don't believe I need any product at all in my brows as they are bold and full enough to look great without any help, which is obviously the best thing about them. I'm curious as to how you girls tame your own brows and if there are any products I need to try in my own brows - even if they look nice and full!

Em x


  1. Wow your brows look amazing! I'm way to sacred to thread! I just pluck but after seeing this I might give it a try!
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    1. Thank you! I used to really dislike them but I love how they look now I look after them a bit more. Honestly, the brow technicians or whatever they are called really know what they're doing. I have never had an issue getting them done and they've never took them too thin or lost my natural shape. They just make my brows look so much better. Definitely worth a go - at least once! x

  2. Your eyebrows are incredible! Check that arch, its stunning. Mine are really thick too, but so much less defined than yours. I trim and pluck mine now, just maintain as much as I can. Was fed up getting them waxed every 2 weeks! :)

    1. Haha thank you! I definitely struck a bit lucky with them, I think. Definitely down to my dads good genes! I go quite a while without doing anything but plucking here and there - my before's are actually about two months growth, but when I move back home after I finish uni I'll definitely go and get them done much more often. It seems silly when you can just do it yourself at home but I don't mind paying someone else when they end up looking so good.


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