Wednesday, 13 April 2016

♥ Make Up Geek Ditzy: Duo Chrome Eyeshadow | Review

I can't stop using the Make Up Geek shadows I got in March. I am absolutely obsessed with them, but the shadow that has stood out to me the most is definitely Ritzy. It wasn't love at first swatch, at all, but this colour of this shadow has grown on me so much over the past few weeks. I can't get enough of it.

Ritzy is the most beautiful eye shadow I have ever owned. It's a duo chrome with a reddish/brown base colour, that pulls green and gold reflects. It's olive tone is something I think goes great with dark hair and it's so versatile because of the really warm base of it. The pigmentation of this stuff is incredible, though I find you get the best result when it's applied with a finger over the lid and built up, or applied with a flat synthetic brush with a little bit of Fix +. When using my finger there was very little fallout, however, the same can't be said when you use this without a damp brush. It can get quite messy and the glitter can be a nightmare to brush away if you do get fallout, so I would recommend always doing eyes first if you're going to use a super shimmery or glittery duo chrome shadow from MUG. Other positives I must mention are the wear time and the tendency to never dull down. It lasts on the lids all day and this doesn't dull down too much - you know how some shadows can loose their oomph? Not an issue here. Ritzy, like all other MUG shadows I've tried, doesn't crease on me. It stays in place and is super reflective all day long. And who's going to complain with that when it's a shadow as cheap as this? Not me. 

I always thought duo chrome shadows were quite scary as they are so in your face, but now I can't get enough of them. There are so many ways to play with these and I used them on a friend for an event at uni where the theme was space and all things alien, and on top of another green shadow, this worked an absolute dream. The duo chrome shades Make Up Geek have an offer are so fun and playful and I can not wait to expand my collection!


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