Wednesday, 27 April 2016

♥ My Most Used Eye Brushes

Continuing on from Monday's 'most used palettes' post, I felt it highly appropriate for me to discuss what I use to put the eyeshadows on my eyelids! I'm pretty sure that eyeshadows and eye brushes are my all time favourite beauty related things and I have gone crazy for make up brushes, since really getting into makeup. I'm always trying to find new brands and new brushes to use and my wishlist doesn't stop growing. A while back I wrote a post that went through my Five Favourite Brushes but I've changed it up quite a bit since then and I thought this time round I needed to focus only on the brushes I use to do my eyes everyday.

The Morphe G20
This is the brush I use to place one colour all over my lids. It's great with chunky glitters or pigments and works great when wet, too. This is my one and only Morphe brush, and I'm really, really impressed with it. Their brushes are so inexpensive so I can't imagine it'll be too long before I get my hands on some more.

The Zoeva Concealer Buffer (142)
Not technically an eye brush, but this is the brush i blend in my under-eye concealer with every day. It's nice and firm and a tiny mini buffing brush, I suppose, so it gets in all the little  crevices around the nose great too.

The Zoeva Luxe Petit Crease (231)
This one is great for contouring the eye socket, or carving out the crease. For the most part, I'll use a fluffier brush first, but this is great for concentrating darker colours in the outer/inner corners of the eye. I use this brush if I'm just doing a really simple eye look with one colour through my crease, and that's pretty much an every day occurrence.

The Real Techniques Detailer Brush
I use this obsessively to highlight my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. It's exactly the right shape and size and while this brush does come with the 'core collection' face kit from RT, I don't  spot conceal, so I prefer just using this on my eyes!

The Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer (227)
This is the brush I use to set my base on my eyelids. By now you may know that I always, always use my MAC paint pot in Painterly to prime my eyes, then I'll take a nude/skin toned shadow all over the eye with this brush to set that down and create a nice blank canvas to work with. I also recommend this brush for blending out shadow, because it's a great dupe for the next brush!

The MAC 217
What would an eye brush post be without a nifty little 217? When I first got into YouTube and makeup tutorials this is the brush that I heard the most about. I remember Tanya Burr using it religously and I just kind of knew I had to own it. There are plenty of dupes for this brush, like the Zoeva one above, but this is the original blending brush. I've used this to deposit colour all over the lids, on the outer corners, through the crease and just to seamlessly blend away eyeshadow and I absolutely love it and it's various uses. It's my only MAC brush, though I do have my eyes on a couple more.

Those are the six brushes I reach for time and time again and I swear, I'd be so lost without them. I would recommend them all in a heartbeat. I know it's pretty Zoeva heavy, but the majority of my brushes are Zoeva because I have two of their big sets and I always rave about how good they are, so if you haven't ever picked any of their brushes up - and can afford to do so - get their eye brush kit! you honestly won't regret it. Let me know of any Morphe or MAC brushes you swear by (eyes or face!) because I'd love some help with which ones I should pick up next!

Em x

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  1. I would love to get the Zoeva brushes, especially the rose gold ones. They look devine! The MAC 217, the holy grail of the brush world lol, I think I have a bout 5! Lisa Eldridge uses it to buff out her concealer which I haven't tried doing yet, but it may be a good idea.
    I love my little detailer brush as well, I like to use it to put my concealer under my eyes with, I find it applies it directly to the eye bag so when I buff it out it doesn't look to heavy. x

    1. That's a great tip! I'll have to try that, must be really precise too as the detailer brush is so teeny. Do it! I know £60 is a lot up front but they'll make your collection so much bigger and theres a brush for everything. They wash great too, I've had my eye brushes from Zoeva nearly a year and they look good as new with a good wash!

  2. I love my MAC 217 brush & the 239 too. I have 2 of each & they're my most used eye brushes. I like that the Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer looks similar to the 217. I have the Sigma dupe, but it's not as good as the MAC. Though that's possibly because the Sigma is a short handle version. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Yeah a few of the brushes in the Zoeva eye brush set look so so similar to the 217, but they just aren't the 217, so it's always easy to go back to it. The 239 is actually one of the ones on my wishlisht!! What do you use that for?

  3. I love the Zoeva 227! I own a couple of them, it's just so nice for blending. Really need to get around to buying the MAC 217 though - I can't believe I haven't bought it yet!

    June |


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