Tuesday, 5 August 2014

♥ Bringing You The Boots App

If you're an advantage card owner and don't have this on your iPhone, where have you been the past few weeks? Rather than the little machines in store that you can insert your Boots card into and discover nice little offers just for you through your little card, there is now a way to do it all without the actual need for physical vouchers or coupons. Instead, you can simply download the Boots App and load whichever offers you'd like onto your card and just by presenting the card, along with your shopping that qualifies for the offers, you'll save a bunch or earn yourself some extra points. It's a fabulous little offering from Boots as it combines a way to save money with an easy way to search for the products you might buy with the offers you have. The only downside, I feel, to the app is that the shopping feature seems a bit pointless as the offers all state that they can 'only be used in store', so if you were to buy products through the app which qualify for offers, you wouldn't be available to claim the offer. While this doesn't bother me at all, as I wouldn't buy my make up online and like to browse the aisles in store, I do think that changing this would be of great help to those of us who are brave enough and know enough to shop for beauty products online. Either way, this new app that gives you money off by simply clicking a few times is brilliant and I know it will be open every time I'm in store - just so I can save a few pennies!

Have you spotted used any offers you've picked on the Boots App? Let me know!

Em x


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