Saturday, 23 August 2014

❤️ First Impressions: Max Factor

After a hectic Tuesday at work I decided there was nothing I needed more to calm me down than a short browse through the beauty stands in my local Boots. I in no way needed any new make up at all, but I was desperate to spend my blues away and finally decided it was time to give Max Factor a try. I've never actually seen anyone rave about eur products, even though they insist that they're the 'make up of makeup artists'.... I don't think in anyway that's true but it is one of the more expensive brands on the high street p so I thought that maybe this would equate to higher quality. Hmm. We'll see.

The first thing that caught my eye was the swirls of two different products in ine bottle. The 
Skin Luminizer Foundation comes in a plastic bottle (no risk of breakages - perfect for travelling) and a pump that gives enough product to create a good base. The coverage seems decent alone, but I would still opt to use my usual bb cream and concealer with this one. I chose the shade Warm Almond but I feel I'll be putting this away for later in the year as it's a bit too pale at the moment. It seemed the perfect shade when i swatched in store, so I may have to start testing foundations in different places. Any ideas? I feel as though I'm in a desperate search to find my perfect liquid foundation as I always used Dream Matte Mousse through my teenage years and I feel like a perfect base will now come with a rather large price tag. I have no qualms with this foundation really. Apart from my bad judgement on which shade would be best suited for me the only other thing that puts me off is how thick this foundation is. For a liquid foundation, it wasn't as easily blended across the skin as my others. This may just be due to a cold temperature so I hope I can find a way to change this! I was also desperate to replace my mascaras. They've been in my makeup bag a little too long now and I really do need to get rid so I opted for the curved brush version of the 2000 Calorie Mascara. This was also more expensive than others I would usually go for on the high street - priced at around £10. I remember going through my mums make up bag and finding curved mascaras and so this was a nice little reminder of mum when she was healthier and still bothered with her appearance. The product is absolutely amazing and I know already after two uses that I'll repurchase. I may not purchase a curved brush version though this does help to dramatically lift up the lashes and give a nicer curve to them. The only downside is the smell of this. It's a little bit chemically and I never usually notice a scent to my mascaras so I was a bit shocked! It doesn't really hinder my overall opinion though and I can live with e scent for the duration of application! Finally, I had to get a nail varnish. I couldn't see anything else that caught my eye and there was a 3 for 2 promotion on Max Factor so I grabbed this for free anyway. The shade is a brilliant orange - Wild Vermilion it's called - and after falling in love with a nail polish just like it a few months ago I just could not say no. I think orange is a brilliant nail colour for me as my wardrobe is very dark and dull and autumn is coming up and orange will be a key colour. I haven't tried this as of yet but I have very high hopes for the colour it comes up and the lasting power it hopefully has! 

I'm really sorry for the lack of posts. I know I've been saying for a few weeks that it's going to change but now I'm free of work and able to blog a little more than I have been - despite the fact Tom and his housemates don't currently have wifi in the house! Nightmare! (I actually got out and went to mcdonalds for the wifi - sad!) 

Hope you're all well and let me know where I should be testing my foundations in order to find a better suited shade pleeeease!

Em x


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