Friday, 1 August 2014

♥ Disappointing Products #1

Some products just don't work for certain people. It could be down to skin tone or application or whether or not you have an oily complexion and these three products are three that just haven't worked for me. 

With my concealer I like a wand applicator for precise application and just enough product. This Match Perfection offering from Rimmel comes within a squeezable tube and while they market the concealer as having a 'soft precision brush' I just do not like it. I either get too little or too much product coming out and this means loads of wastage or looking paler than I'd like. The formula is good, though I wouldn't use it as a highlighter, which is another suggested use. Sadly, this product has stopped me from looking others in the range and I'll be sticking to my Wake Me Up dream team! Now, Soap and Glory are one of my favourite brands ever and I love treating myself to something from their range. Hocus Focus was my very first Soap and Glory make up collection item and it's stopped me from going back for more, no matter how much people go on about their products. This 'illuminator' 'flaw softening' 'highlighter' was just not good enough. I've used it a few times (and lost a lot of product after it exploding during my flight to Bali earlier in the summer) and I just haven't ever thought that this is what I need to make my face a little bit better. I imagined this would give me a long lasting, dewy, radiant look but I just feel as though it's a layer of product I can always go without. Plus, the bottle broke so no thank you! The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner wasn't too much of a disappointment, to be honest. It came free with an issue of Glamour so I didn't waste any money on it and I already knew I wasn't too great at applying liquid liner when it's in the form of a pen... So there aren't any hard feelings with this one at all. It could be a great product if you like the applicator. But I hate it, so this will probably be dished out to a lucky friend, along with the other two products!

Have these products worked for you, and am I just using them the wrong way? Help!

Em x


  1. Gosh finally someone who doesn't like the Eyeko eyeliner, I got mine free too think it was in a Birchbox and I was really disappointed as it's received so much hype…mine dried out really quickly too I wasn't impressed :( xx

    1. I just find the pen impossible to use! Such a shame as Eyeko have such a good following as a brand! Oh well - it was free we can't complain too much!! xx


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