Sunday, 17 August 2014

♥ The Sunday Post #15

This week has been a week filled with a little too much pain. Three tattoos. Four and a bit hours of needles dragging through my skin. It's not been fun. The outcome, however, is perfect. First up, a purple rose at the bottom of my sleeve. Then a beautiful fruit bat - bats are one of my favourite animals and after meeting (and playing with) a beautiful one in Indonesia this summer I just couldn't wait any longer to have a little one on me! Then, to celebrate the birth and death of my brother, Robert, I had his initial etched onto my skin forever. This is a tattoo I always knew I would have and the anniversary is this week so it was brilliant timing! This week will be good. Three shifts left at work and I'm moving back to Cornwall on Friday. It's sure to be stressful as anything, as I'm travelling down by coach and my dad isn't bringing down the majority of my belongings for another two weeks... But I'm truly desperate to start this year already so I'd rather the struggle than try and survive at home!

I've not really had a chance to follow anybody as I'm still at work full time, but change is coming, readers! I'll be back to normal this time next week - I promise! Keep coming back, you lovely people!

Em x


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