Saturday, 2 August 2014

♥ I Did A Bad Thing...

Despite having just been paid enough to get me almost out of my overdraft, after work today I decided it was time to treat myself after a very long while of simply not being able to. Though it felt good at the time, picking out all the new things I could try, I am now feeling tiny little pangs of regret and disappointment after knowing I was so close to being very nearly out of debt and now I'm still at the same old place. In the minus hundreds again and it must stop. Now. So I'm enforcing another spending ban and have no plans to treat myself until student loan day is upon us. Help! To help get me through until the end of September, though, I have all of this:

I had been lusting over orange lipsticks ever since all the Made In Chelsea girls pulled it off and I've wanted MAC's Morange for a few months, but after discovering the Boots App and getting a buy one get one half price offer on Seventeen - and them having a beautiful orange shade lipstick - I just couldn't resist any longer. The shade I chose was Make An Entrance and I seriously think I'll be wearing this for the rest of summer and right into the Autumn months! My second product to pair with it was the Tattoo Me 48 Liquid Eyeliner. It's described on the packaging as a 'semi-permanent' eyeliner and that seems quite the statement. After messing around with a tester and discovering the brush is flexible (just how I like them) I just had to. I've been using my Glam Eyes for over a year now and it's time to test the market. Next up, I wanted some sort of clay mask to give my face a breather and deep cleanse at the end of the week. I didn't end up with what I wanted but I did think I'd try Boots own Simple Sensitive Deep Cleansing Face Mask. I know this will be super gentle and won't be too harsh and hopefully it will leave me skin feeling soothed and zit free. I desperately needed new razors before I start shredding my legs and I couldn't part with the ten quid that a pack of cartridges costs, so instead I opted for a set of three Wilkinson Sword sensitive disposables. These will keep me hair free until I have a bit more money and were even cheaper than the cheaper brands Boots stock! My love for Soap and Glory products is peaking and when I found out they were releasing an orange scented body wash I knew I'd end up with it. After reading a few reviews I caved - even though my bottle of Sugar Crush isn't even half empty - and I seriously underestimated how good Orangegasm would smell. I can't wait to use it tonight! Also from S&G I bought The Scrub Of Your Life. I'll pair this with exfoliating gloves and give my skin a good scrub every couple of days. The scent is much more toned down than the new body wash but I know I'll still smell great after using this. Lastly, I repurchased the Mist You Madly body spray after not having any for a few months. I really missed how easy it is to just chuck in the bottom of your handbag and spritz yourself throughout the day. Can't wait to start this bottle! Finally, after using a Dove body wash at my boyfriends the other week, I bought a bottle as it was only £1.20 (on offer) in Boots.  I bought the plum scented 'rebalance' wash and I know these are super moisturising so it'll be a good change for my skin to use this regularly!

Em x


  1. I've always wanted to try Soap and Glory, and after reading this post I'm definitely venturing off to Sephora as soon as possible!
    Ps:Emily, I stumbled across your blog and am in LOVE. I nominated you for a Liebster Award which is basically a fun way to learn more about budding bloggers all over the web! Check out the details here:

  2. Why not treat yourself haha! I've been looking at lipsticks so will check out Seventeen thank you :)

    P.S I have nominated you for the Liebster Awards :) You can read more about it here:

  3. I love the S&G Body Spray and Scrub Of Your Life is amazing too. You can ignore the fact you're in your overdraft since you got such nice products haha!

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    1. I used the scrub for the first time this morning and I couldn't be happier with it! My skin is so soft and smells great. I disagree with the 'handful' comment on the back of the tube, though! I put a rather large splodge onto my palms and I more than lathered up my entire body - so I'll use it more sparingly in the future!
      Haha, yeah, just going to ignore the minus showing up in my account ^.^

  4. Lovely products :) I might try some out myself. I would love it if you checked out my blog

  5. The seventeen lipstick looks lovely :)

  6. doesn't hurt to treat yourself occasionally :-) xx


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