Thursday, 14 August 2014

♥ How To: Stationary Shop

My last university how to post was on how to cope with the utter stress that comes along with results day nerves. Now, for those of you who were hoping to go off to university in September, the day is almost over and if all went to plan you got the grades you needed to get into your chosen university. If that's the case for you I'm sending you a massive congratulations. University is so much fun and it's so lovely when you finally get into university life and end up in the place you wanted to be. If it didn't go as well as hoped, Clearing is open in Track on UCAS, and I'm sure you'll find a course and a university that's as suited for you as your first choice may have been. Do not panic. You'll be just fine. The UCAS website is full of help and if you really are at a loss for what to do speak to those who taught you, and know you best, at school or college to discuss your options... Either way, stationary is going to be a massive must-have for the next few years and as a hoarder of the stuff I know plenty of places you can go to - whatever your budget.

So here's my pick of the stash I'll be taking along with me this September, and where I got it!

Ring Binders - All £3 from Paperchase | Pink Cartoon Pencil Case - £5.50 Paperchase | Green Polka Dot Pencil Case - £3 Paperchase | Recycled A4 Notebook £3.50 Paperchase | Study Planner £7 Paperchase | A4 Spiral Hardback Notebook 99p B&M | 500 Coloured Index Stickers 50p Wilkinsons | Integral 16GB Flash Drive £7* Wilkinsons | Revision Cards £2.50 Paperchase | Stabilo Highlighters £5.99 Amazon | Bic Round Stic Pens £1 Poundland

The prices noted are the prices I paid at time of purchase, some stores may not stock the exact items listed or may not sell for the same price. The flash drive was on sale in Wilkinsons so if you're looking for one, they had a few on offer with a few cute different designs available. My favourite place to buy stationary is of course, Paperchase. Though for cheap refill pads, pens or plastic wallets, Poundland is just as good to go to. Index stickers are a life saver. They'll save the hassle of trying to find that quote you want to reference in an essay. They're super cheap and it's really easy to pick these up in the back to school sections of supermarkets. Loads of stationary shops will have back to school offers - so take advantage. Sainsbury's have a lovely stationary section at the moment, Emily mentioned on her blog that Tesco have reduced some brilliant Oxford Notebooks to just £2, Wilkinsons have a massive stationary range. Paperchase is good if you want cutesy, long lasting stationary but can be a bit hard on the wallet. They do however offer a student discount in store and online. 

Em x


  1. I really love the green polka dot pencil case! Been looking for a new one too x

    1. It's such a lovely material! Paperchase is always so spot on for girly, cute stationary!! x


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